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GUAM family LAWS.


Guam is an American hub on the edge of Asia and the home of several major military installations. The people of Guam and their elected leaders have always been  supporters of the armed forces and of Americans living in the far east. Guam is also a vacation haven for people living in Asia.

Perhaps for these reasons, the legislature of Guam passed laws creating favorable residency requirements for Military and overseas Americans seeking divorce in the Guam Courts. These laws are equally applicable to Americans in the mainland.

Recent changes to Guam law allow an uncontested divorce where one of the parties "resides" in Guam for seven days before the filing of the divorce complaint. The legislative history, including the floor debate on this provision, make it clear, that the residency requirement can be met by a seven day stay in Guam. The purpose of this requirement was to promote tourism by requiring at least one party to an uncontested divorce to come to Guam.

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Statutes and Regulations
Title 5, Guam Code Annotated

Chapter 34 - Child Support

Chapter 35 - Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

Title 7, Guam Code Annotated

Chapter 35 - Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.

Title 19, Guam Code Annotated

Chapter 3- The Contract of Marriage

Chapter 4 - Parent and Child

Chapter 5 - Family Court Act

Chapter 6 - Community Property

Chapter 7 - Guam Conciliation Law

Chapter 8 - Dissolution of Marriage