We generally will provide the Marital Settlement agreement and other basic papers within 1-2 business days ONCE FULL payment and all required information IS PROVIDED.

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Divorce For Americans in the Philippines 

Americans married to Filipinos can get divorced in Guam, and it will be recognized and honored in the P.I.

As long as the U.S citizen is the one that files for the divorce the PI will recognize it and either party will be free to remarry, even in the Philippines. For more information the laws of Philippines on foreign divorce, look here

There are two ways you can do this. If your spouse will consent in writing, then you only need to come to Guam for seven days. For more  information on our seven day divorce, click here.

If your spouse will not consent to the divorce, you will need to first establish residence in Guam for 90 days. For Information on Establishing residence in Guam for the purposes of divorce, click here.

In most cases, there is no need for either of the parties to an uncontested divorce to appear in court. We will appear for you in court.

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